• No wifi used & no smartphones needed!

    Live-polling devices make audience & student engagement a breeze. 

  • Voting devices for any face to face gathering!

    Events + M.I.C.E.

    Phones down,

    heads up!

    Looking to make your, product launchs, competitions, important meetings, annual dinners, shareholder meetings, wedding or talk 100% interactive- WITHOUT wifi & smartphones messing it all up? Yes, please!


    Diversity & Inclusion

    Training often fails and DNI initiatives are so hard because we fail to truly engage people. Response devices provide fast, easy, reliable interaction for everybody in the room, physically including and accurately measuring engagement. 


    A K-12 Godsend

    Active learning is the key to positive learning outcomes from kindergarten through university. Growing evidence shows laptops and tablets are counterproductive- so use a simple, dedicated tool to drive two-way interaction.

    Pro Trivia

    Easy, with no paper or wifi needed

    Manage or own a pub and tired of giving 40+% cuts to so-called "Quiz Masters"? No more! Our system is so dead-simple and reliable that your own staff can run it. Patrons love not writing down answers - and keep coming back for more.

  • For Events

    You need something different to engage your audience - here it is!

    Engaging Conferences


    smartphone zone-out

    You're spending a lot of money to put on this conference. Why let your audience just play with their phones the whole time and


    No unreliable wifi!

    Ever had trouble with event wifi?

    Of course you have!

    Our system uses "Radio Frequency" like walkie-talkies which means it's totally offline, reliable, secure (no online hacking!) and fun! People actually love getting off their phone and into your event! 

    Massive Events!

    Whole stadium solutions!

    How about getting 20,000+ people to give you instant,


    responses? For brands, how valuable would that data be? For stadium management, think year-round revenue streams (and FUN for your crowds)!  

    Data. Now.

    Ever had an event, and gotten nothing from it?

    One of the best ROI's from response devices is the instant, new data you generate. You can share and use it instantly, and our API's can integrate sending the data directly to your in-house CRM or data analysis software.

  • "The best present you can give is your presence."

    Response devices give your audience a way to be present in the moment, undistracted and paying attention to your message.


  • For Training

    Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, Data.

    All at the same time.


    Engaging trainings


    smartphone zone-out (again)

    You're spending a lot of money to train your people. Why let them just play with their smartphones all day? Why let expensive trainers just hope that their message gets through? Trust yet verify training results with response devices.

    No more bored attendees

    Give a person a clicker, watch them wake up!

    People instinctively want to be included. But it can be hard to provide that inclusion in professional trainings without silly or childish games. Get serious engagement with response devices.

    Even small trainings benefit

    Group dynamics can ruin even the best run training.

    When everyone's voice can be heard in unison, respect goes through the roof. No more speaking one person at a time. Let's hear from literally everyone in the room in unison and then discuss why we see the results/data we create in real-time.

    Anonymous & confidential responses

    People are more willing to share when they feel safe.

    People share more honestly when they feel safe. You need honest feedback from your people! Response devices allow answers in front of other people, but without raising hands. This can avoid face loss. Data can be totally anonymous or kept confidential for just HR.

  • For Education

    From 5 until 105, people learn better when they are active & engaged.

    France banned all smartphones in K-12.

    Recent policy change mirrors growing trend.

    Smartphones, tablets and laptops have their place. We need them. But not in the K-12 classroom. The benefits simply do not outweigh the consequences.

    Rutgers study shows laptops also bad.

    Long-term retention of material hampered.

    Maybe you just said to yourself, "Sure, but laptops are fine." Nope! A 2018 study published in Educational Psychology by Rutgers Professor Arnold L. Glass & Mengxue Kang shows finally what we all already know- distracting devices, be they smartphones, tablets, or laptops, all harm student learning outcomes!

    Kids love 'em!

    Chinese and American kids agree: clickers are fun!

    Kids love them, that's for sure. Get every single student in the class, no matter how shy, active and participating. No more hiding in the back of the room! Ask not only right/wrong question, but opinion-based questions to stir up amazing discussions & classroom debates!

    Peer Instruction.

    Teaching pedagogy is the key / no silver bullet.

    Of course no single tech itself is a silver bullet. But, properly implemented with careful pedagogy planning, clickers can be a powerful tool, especially in underprivileged schools. We need to help these kids as best we can, so let's get them the tools they need to compete.

  • Integrating Clickers Into Your Events, Trainings, etc.

    "Clicker" software & hardware runs straight in PPT. It's so simple!

    No wifi required! ;)

    Just a USB dongle and a simple, FREE software plugin.


    Write your questions

    Two options:

    1. Email us your questions and we'll set them all up (best for first-timers).

    2. We'll quickly train your people and they can do it (it's not a huge lift but does take a little time).


    Integrate into your existing presentations.

    We'll help you take your existing PPTs, PDFs or Keynotes and integrate the interactive questions directly into the presentation.


    Hand out the devices.

    At the door or tethered to the seats, Wolfpack has the event-management experience to make sure everyone in the room gets a device, and that we get them back in the end!


    Data retention & after-action reports.

    The kicker for this tech is that you get GREAT, brand-new data from your audience that can be immediately shared & utilized. Even make decisions from morning sessions for the afternoon!

  • For Trivia

    For too long bar managers have been beholden to the "Quiz Master".

    No longer! Your staff can do it easily with our system!

    Quiz Nights

    You wish they were easier. That's exactly what we're doing.

    The problem with quiz nights is that they are hard to deal with. Scraps of paper, a "quiz master" who wants 40+% of your revenue, and other issues. Don't you wish it was easy enough for your own staff to do it?

    No need for wifi!

    Ever had trouble with wifi?

    Of course you have!

    Our system uses "Radio Frequency" like walkie-talkies which means it's totally offline, reliable, secure (no online hacking!) and fun! People actually love getting off their phone and into your trivia event!

    Easy & Reliable

    Your staff can do it. Seriously.

    Wolfpack's trivia solution was built from the ground up with one idea in mind- your staff being able to run it. We think the system can easily pay for itself just from the revenue you retain by not having to outsource to a "quiz master" who your night becomes dependent on.

    Prize or

    Points-based Trivia

    Want to partner with a local booze brand?

    For the latest brand asking to do a "tap takeover" or whatever, you can charge them for this great promo option (or if you are the brand, do this instead of your tired routines).

    And leagues, as well as inter-bar leagues, available! Multiple locations can play together at the same time creating fun regional rivalries.

  • Why hire Wolfpack Engagement?

    Honestly, there are bigger brands out there. But not on-the-ground in Asia.

    Free shipping... worldwide.

    You will never pay extra for shipping.

    Shipping costs are on us. We want to earn your business and make it easy to receive our merchandise. We give you a quote for the goods and our services and that's it. We also travel worldwide for rental events, bringing and managing the equipment anywhere!

    Free consultations & support forever

    Got questions about the tech? We will figure it out, or buy back the system.

    There is no question we don't want to answer about response systems. In fact, we continually learn from our customers who keep coming up with cooler ways to use the tech. Send us a note now!

    We're self-users

    We produce money-making events with this tech

    300+ events in four years in Asia have taught us a thing or two- and we'll tell you how to avoid the worst of the mistakes we've made! (Sometimes this stuff can be tricky- we've messed up a time or two. We know better now. Don't make the same mistakes we made starting out!)


    US owned.

    We're what's known around these parts as a WFOE, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise 

    (in China)

    Four+ years on the ground in China has taught us a lot of things, especially about how to deal with the factories that actually produce the gear. We have partnerships and relationships and know how to source here. Please trust us! We'll steer you in the right direction.

  • Some of our satisfied clients

  • Radio Frequency vs wifi vs Bluetooth

    How are these signals different? What are they best suited for?

    Same as


    Stable, reliable & easy.

    Far range, seamlessly connect thousands.

    In-house, non-internet based network.

    The thing that never seems to work right.

    Unstable, unreliable, difficult to configure.

    Dependent on outside network. Best for single devices.

    How your wireless headphones work.

    Used to be cool to wear one.

    Short-range, best for personal connections.

    Battery vampire.

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